I also like the style and design too. The level of detail and sharpness is consistent right to the edges of the frame. In the menu of the camera you find six other white balance settings; Sunny day, Cloudy day, Tungsten light, Fluorescent lamp 1, Fluorescent lamp 2 and Fluorescent lamp 3. But sometimes you need to change the ISO setting. Display screen The large 2. RoHS Certificate of Compliance. In the automatic mode, the camera takes control of all exposure settings, leaving you free to decide on the composition of your shot.

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The BrightCapture works well, albeit suffering a little motion blur if you’re prone to hand-shake.

The first type allows you to take up to six frames at a maximum rate of 1. The weatherproof body comes in useful in countries where rain is the rule rather than the exception. In order to use 7000 feature you will need to use an Olympus brand memory 70.

Nikon D Review 3 Nov This is slightly below TV quality. Noise The following images illustrate the amount of digital noise apparent at each ISO setting.

Olympus Stylus 700 (mju 700 Digital)

Olympus provides all the necessary cables and software to connect the MJU to a computer, PictBridge compatible printer and television set. Discuss this review and other digital cameras here.


These modes are shown on the screen, enabling users to choose whether to activate the camera in Auto or Program. In playback mode you may choose from Normal, Detailed, No information and Histogram. This last feature, found in the Olympus Mju uses a simple system; it upgrades sensitivity and adjusts shutter speed so that this combination can mhu blur.

The lens is on the soft side and all my shots benefited from a small amount of sharpening on PC. However, as the boasts an anti-shake setting this is less of a worry, I found the anti-shake system worked well, it’s just a shame it is only available as a separate mode and not usable across all the camera’s shooting settings.

Olympus Mju Exposure compensation. Therefore I would suggest this camera is likely to appeal to anyone who is looking for a camera they can use in more or less all muj, is easy to use and looks good too.

Therefore a memory card is not supplied as standard. This function helps you by giving all sorts of handy tips and explanations and it can even change the modes for you. Display screen The large 2.

Olympus Mju | TechRadar

Colours look natural and display a good level of detail and sharpness. The foregoing information relates to product sold on, or after, the date shown below. Olympus Mju review: You must be a member to leave a comment. These mmu include portrait, landscape, night scene, sport, indoor, candle, self portrait, available light, sunset, fireworks, museum, cuisine, behind glass, documents, auction, shoot and select, beach and snow jju under water.


Top Rated Cameras in this Category. The camera manufacturers have left the 4 Megapixel and lower class behind and are only focussing on 5MP and higher, compact or system cameras.

The video clips that are recorded are with sound. The front of the camera slopes gently and gives the camera a unique look and feel. The large display’s image quality is also slightly below par compared to the Sony or Kodak models, although the images it produces bear close scrutiny.

While the total image resolution is lowered, the resulting higher light sensitivity provides the extra benefit of more rapid focusing in low light and the possibility to use faster shutter speeds which effectively reduces the potential for image blur due to camera-shake or fast moving objects.

Autofocus Half-pressing the shutter button sets the autofocus system into action.

This kind of intelligent in-camera software will become more important in todays and future digital cameras. Olympus Mju White Balance. Olympus have built Wedge shaped body feels secure to hold.