But the two layered stereo sampled Piano 1 is great! Although there are a few tradeoffs, the low price and weight make it a good value. What started as a simple string and pedal sales catalog has grown exponentially over the past thirty years. The body of the keyboard is made from terribly cheap plastic that scratches easily. During exuberant playing, the keyboard has a tendency to slide around the stand a little. This huge weight and price reduction is made possible by dropping many bells and whistles that are only marginally useful to a gigging keyboard player.

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But what about the sostenuto pedal the middle pedal on an acoustic piano? Full Pedal Complement Every digital piano has a sustain pedal jack. A guarantee so solid, you never have to worry about price when shopping at zZounds. I don’t need a tank to compose or play!!!

Proekys FM piano is mellowness defined, and the organ gives a punchy B3 sound with a biting percussive attack. Electric pianos are covered too, including a bright classic Yamaha DX7, a sweet Fender Rhodes and a vintage Wurlitzer.

M-Audio ProKeys 88sx Keyboard

Unless you are a great composer or a producer of great artists, the sounds of this creature are excellent for all. Its must-have complement of instruments, grand piano, electric pianos, organ and clav, sound better than anything in its price range. Also great Yamaha DX7 FM piano and the organ sound is not bad at all, just hit the chorus twice and it makes the sound very full and rich. See all M-Audio Products. Piano 2 is designed to really cut through in popular music.


No hidden charges or hassles on returns. Not a ton of features, but then I wasn’t looking for a ton of features. The 88SX suffers from none of this, yet allows the keyboardist prokeye fly over the keys with minimal strain.

This includes heavy and oversized items. It’s that good and it’s perfect for the gigging musician.

M-Audio ProKeys 88sx Keyboard | eBay

If you live in Ga. 88x m-audio sent me another piano,took it out of the box,and stuff was banging around on the inside?? This is audiio Professional Stage Digital Piano. If your credit card has already prokdys charged for the purchase and your order is canceled, American Musical Supply will issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the charge.

Perhaps in future models, an input for una corda pedal would be more useful, since it would offer an additional way to modify the sound. But the two layered stereo sampled Piano 1 is great! Find a better price after buying from us? An advanced function and two data controller switches on the left of the keyboard allow entry to this operating mode. In we moved to a full product offering and page catalog, which over prokets years has grown to pages.


It comes with millions of different accessories a new foot pedal, a back to back wall, a new sound board with many different sounds, a walkie-talkie system, and more!!! On the other hand, the lighter action keyboards allow the keyboardist to get sloppy as the fingers spill over the keys a audil. Including the off settings, there are four levels each of velocity, chorus and reverb. Awesome board, best bang for the buck! Its sound is so sweet it sounds like Beethoven is in my house every time I play it!!!

M-Audio ProKeys 88SX Key Stage Piano User Reviews | zZounds

The included sustain is designed like a switch pedal and is a little awkward to use. It tends to feel so light that you mistrust its quality, however, my first one lasted 2 months before it was stolen seemed rugged enough. Sure, already it will be seen with time, everything changes While our competitors might offer house credit cards that require you to fill out an application and pass a credit check, our payment plans are easy to get, simple to use, and, best of all, accrue zero interest.

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