Neutronbeam Zak, you know you can’t validate any of the above details without first throwing There may be a slight battery life cost that comes with using the more powerful discrete graphics chip, but it’s likely worth it in order to get more graphics capability, better performance, and broader game compatibility thanks to Nvidia’s superior graphics drivers. This is a nice and fast laptop. Do you guys think is worth to invest on a new screen? LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture. Pink notebooks are nothing new but a pink notebook with a Transformers theme are definitely new.

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S100 30, Processor, graphics card have the support of energy conservation technologies, which will extend the duration of the autonomous work.

Customize The Tech Report The graphics card fully supports DX Intel Graphics Media Accelerator integrated. Acer Z 17″ Dual core laptop notebookAcer Extensa – Do you already have an account? Haier G70 Transformers Laptop in Pink.

Posted by Ham33d at 8: Mar 28, 7. As configured, our review system packs the fastest mobile version of the Core 2 Duo processor, the 2. You can now have the two laptops with a 2. Others, like weight and battery life, are purely mobile considerations.


Dell’s XPS M1210 laptop PC

That’s no big deal, though, since general system memory bandwidth will be constrained by the MHz front-side bus, not by the dual channels of MHz memory. If you’re a gamer, you can get a graphics and processing powerhouse with Pontiac-style ribbed body cladding and a display large enough to double as the main sail on a small yacht; you’ll just have to accept the additional weight, heat, and battery drain that comes with it. Mar 28, 6. Combining these two goals may sound like a recipe for dissonance, but Dell has managed to pull off the feat with surprising style.

This is Cizmo CXM, a gaming laptop computer that is really powerful. Mobile computing Previous page Next page.

Any hope for this Dell XPS M1210?

Intel Architecture Day. I tried to google more pictures but haven’t found one that shows the whole cable. Empowered with the 2. The amazing thing is omdem it glows in the dark. If anybody knows please share. Do you guys think is worth to invest on a new screen?

Dell’s XPS M laptop PC – The Tech Report – Page 1

Toshiba is going to launch in the market a new gaming laptop PC, the Qosmio X Featuring a slick titanium design and widescreen Mar 28, 5. This notebook movem great battery life, good security features and specifications that make it most suitable for business professionals on the move. I found this laptop in a dumpster near my house. If you’re with me on that point, you will appreciate what I have to say next. Discussion in ‘ Mobile Computing ‘ started by jsilvaMar 27, Laptops with RPM drives are still quite rare, despite the fact that we found little power consumption penalty associated with RPM mobile drives.


The M’s design is a revelation coming from Dell; they’ve managed to collect the best elements of the XPS mdem design cues into a much smaller box while dropping the gaudy excesses. Pink notebooks are nothing new but a pink notebook with a Transformers theme are definitely new. Still, most of these things are inescapable, intrinsic qualities of a laptop computer, not open to substantial modification after the fact.