I2c address not detected by ” i2cdetect ” command. Locked Cancel Do you have another question? Please, check this issue with your displays if possible. And it works now. Jul 27, However, several problems still exist.

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I am not sure that how the reset control is take care.

linux/edt-ft5xtxt at master · git-mirror/linux · GitHub

I will probe address range 0xx External pullup’s are connected on the I2C lines. Probably, you can ask FocalTech what do they know about this? To check current values for CTM, list all input devices:. I have not heard of this issue before, and have posted code I have just used confirming the register llinux does work.

Linux source code: drivers/input/touchscreen/edt-ft5xc (v) – Bootlin

This program can confuse your I2C bus, cause data loss and worse! Hi, Do you have external pullups on the I2C lines? More fr5x06 you can find in manuals: Following are the lof for touch screen 1. You can find more information on building and customizing Device Tree in How to customize Debian 9.


We tried both kHz and kHz bus speed. In reply to Nathan Wright: Please verify this and try the display again.

Kindly suggest the possible reason and solution to the problem. Hope this helps, -Nathan. Welcome to our new forum! As you understand this code is either linux or u-boot based on the same linux i2c bus framework that has been testing for many years.

How to enable support for FT5x06 Multi-Touch Controller on VisionSOM-6ULL

Below is a link to the FT5x06 application note, which shows these registers: Michael, We could set up 7″ sensivity and now it works with 4 mm glass cover. Mentions Tags More Cancel.

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We tried 3 different 4. Started by jmasamoto Board TFTs.

Driver recognizes both displays via Linjx, handshakes, etc. And it works now. But touch screen driver giving issue during probing and also i2c-2 devices address not detected.

CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_EDT_FT5X06: EDT FocalTech FT5x06 I2C Touchscreen support

We actually need it ft5s06 be placed beyong glass as thick as 2 mm or even 4 mm. My device tree configuration for touch is as following: Locked Cancel Do you have another question?

We see in linux kernel log that 7″ and 4. Most probably they are tri-stated. This tutorial based on Debian 9. Jul 12, 2: