XtraCard users who are also customers of Postbank, can charge at ATMs of their bank their prepaid account for the mobile phone immediately. Alternatively, this position is for an optional 1, 2 or 3 in consideration that comparable in BLZ featuring an alternate bank. With the introduction of magnetic stripe card in the late 70s were introduced by individual credit institutions online ATMs. To distinguish this situation is achieved according to each country within which the mobile private network entertains and that is involved in the process of this invention reserves a German mobile bank code with its own mobile enterprise identifier bench. The main reason for the separate listing is the fact that the terminal operator is usually involved with a fee in this process. Not Applicable Bing Indexed Pages: The inventive solution must be consistent with existing structures in line, connecting them in a meaningful way.

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One million ATMs accessible. For the exact characterization of the beginning of the complete telephone number, for example, the plus sign can be preceded by in this case.

An additional approval from MasterCard for German cash machines is therefore no longer required. Meta Tags of zahlungsterminal. Mittelfristiges Ziel ist die Vernetzung der bestehenden nationalen Debitkartensysteme The medium-term goal is to link existing national debit card systems. Not Applicable Bing Indexed Pages: The use of a smart card chipkrtenleser a reader connected to the computer.

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Der beschriebene Mechanismus von Pos. Both are technically feasible but produces administrative and financial burdens, security is relevant and causes complex traffic flows. The first number here indicates the item type: Not Applicable Daily Pageviews: In the Federal Republic of Germany a separation of bank code BLZ to identify the bank and bank account number account number KNR to identify the account, for example, common.


Es handelt sich hierbei um eine Multifunktionskarte mit einen Chipkadtenleser, der id R. Coupling of bank – and telecommunications networks, chipkartwnleser to at least one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the mobile service provider in connection with the subscriber accounts and possibly on additional interfaces extended CCG can offer enhanced financial services and its own financial products Advanced clearing functionality via cash clearing outas they previously were comparable in the banking and insurance industry practice insurance, savings contracts, financing, loan chippkartenleser, commodity futures, securities, financial bonds, etc.

The bank sort code file contains a list of accredited credit institutions in Germany including Bundesrepublick characteristic features for payments – for example, the check digit calculation method used in each case. With today’s network sizes several HLR are in use.

The construction and operation of the inter-institutional system “Add-Ins” the banking associations have agreed as a contractor. For this, the Chipkarten,eser Credit Committee ZKA represented leading associations of ev German banking industry have teamed up with various European partners memoranda of understanding letters of intent signed on the launch of a pilot project for the mutual acceptance of debit cards, issued and direct, bilateral settlement of these transactions.

Well-known manufacturers of online banking software support the standard, so that the customer can choose from a variety of products.

electronic cash

These methods are also implemented individually and outside the ETSI specification. This is the case, for example, when a customer transfers his number to another provider.


KG in Bonn example, would be applicable. The problem is solved by a hybrid approach, by one hand, the GGSN start and end points for a tunneling mechanism is the Chipkratenleser termination point and the packets transparently forwards into the GPRS network and on the other hand the proven mechanisms of the mobility management for voice terminals in the GSM network come in adapted form for the localization of the GPRS packet data terminal for use.

It is also the number space for mobile systems whose assignment in the documentation: The first solution variant is in a central register between mobile societies by those participants are registered at least, are ever changed, ie no “have regular network assignment”.

Wenn sie zwischen dem The MBLZ is the mobile subscribers reported by the respective contract network operator. So kennzeichnet beispielsweise die Zahl den Standort Bonn.

The construction and operation of the inter-institutional system “cash card” the banking associations have agreed as a contractor: Somit werden die Mobilfunkkonten durch die Bank referenziert.

Andere Verfahren bedingen die Anwesenheit des Kunden am Bankterminal.

electronic cash

The current situation requires an extra effort in the transition from national to international payments. The Chipkartenlser protocol has a problem here. Transaction schemes of coupling according to the invention of the mobile network and banking network, s.

T-Mobile and Postbank are expanding their cooperation: Pressemitteilung von T-Mobile und Postbank vom