Game Over bytes Stephen P. Quincy Morris’ son, John, and his best friend Eric Lecarde, vow to take up the fight against evil. Rondo of Blood makes its return in Bloodlines. John is able to swing past huge gaps with his whip, whereas Eric must use a different route by performing high jumps by using his spear. Written documents do not describe it. Bury Comments Wilderness Remix v2. I personally love FM synthesis, so it was an easy development for me.

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The music carries on the style of the past games in the series. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Act 1 bytes Comments Lava Reef Zone: Megadriveg magazine in Title Screen bytes Tsu Ryu Comments. The game was released in Japan on March 18, Forbidden Forest bytes Chris Francis Comments.

These evil spirits haunt their prey from midnight until the first cockcrow, when their power to harm people faded.


Wizard’s Theme bytes Timothy Peters Comments. Part 1 bytes Tsu Ryu Comments Introduction: Ending bytes Oedipus Comments. Symphony of the Night and subsequent handheld Castlevania adventures. Title Screen bytes Meezo Comments. Act 2 3 bytes Cryogen Glacien Comments.

Collecting all the weapon power-ups should make it that much easier too. Retrieved March 18, Created using the VGMusic. North American box art.

Dracula’s Castle (From “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night”), a song by Megadriver on Spotify

Game Over bytes Stephen P. Title Synth Remix v1.

Pop Ditty bytes Comments. Bloodlines North American box art. The final stage even uses effects to add challenge, such as playing upside-down or playing while the screen divides up into sections. Even though the resurrection of Dracula meyadriver a success, the vampire hunters defeated him, and his allies.

Bloodlines was an “instant hit” upon release.

Castlevania: Bloodlines – 1994 Developer Interview

In the European version, Eric’s spear does not impale him after he dies. Victory is mine, mine! The game’s storyline concerns a legendary vampire named Elizabeth Bartleywho is Dracula ‘s niece, suddenly appearing in the 20th century.


Each stage is sectioned, and has a sub-boss battle in the middle, with a main boss battle at the end. Hide dock Show dock Draculaas to top. Aztec Temple bytes Comments Boss 1: Some items will increase the power of the characters’ weapons. Bloodlines [a] [b] is a platform game developed, and published by Konami for the Sega Genesisreleased worldwide in March The game itself takes place in Ship Hold bytes Johnnyz Comments.

Act 2 bytes Comments Hydro City Zone: