Shop purchased ones unless you are very lucky are modem leads and do not work with cutters. This site uses cookies. If i unplug the usb converter and go to cut, it says “Unable to open com4: Dec 4, 6 4R Graphics Active Member 0 0 Jan 28, Visit Site you can add a grounding wire those plotters are bad about static and noise especially when you are using the USB port. Assume your cable is correct!

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How is the plotter connected? Pcjt Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs If not then its the wrong flavour of serial cable, probably a modem cable not a Nul-Modem. When you can afford a graphtec buy one you will not be sorry to spend the money after you us it compared to the china plotter.

Hi Alan, I have emailed the pdf. Hi Alan, Ive also tried usng the usb lead supplied with the plotter and followed the installation instructions in the manual, installed the usb drivers, and still nothing. I then do a computer re-start and I’m up again for a couple of prints. The interface page of the manual is thoroughly confused.

Hi Alan, Thanks for the reply, Ive started from scratch and used the laptop with vista reloaded a fresh, so no other programs but signgo is in.

It may be the plotter is on that setting.

Similar Threads – Flexi Creation Pcut. To ground it hook a wire to one of the screws on the bottom of the machine then hook the other end to a good ground like the screw that holds the outlet cover on try that see if it helps.


If it is Signblazer,open it up,click on cutter,then setup.

I don’t need to know how to print colorful signs on a printer, i just want to use it to cut simple signs. A mismatch here will cause similar symptoms PS which Creation? Posted October 13, If com1 doesn’t work,try com2. Sign In Sign Up. Chose com1 as the port, your model s the model, baud rate should be the same on the cutter and in the software,flow control,set to hardware.

OK as it fails to send with or without a lead connected between the USB port and the cutter, my first guess would be the lead. When i press test cut on the plotter, it cuts ok, which makes me think the plotter is still working ok and maybe we might just be having a communication problem.

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Ive tried both leads that i have, both with same results. After reading the manual to see if there was anything i may have missed, creeation did notice that the plotter can “Lock Out” but the manual says this could happen due to power supply. Shop purchased ones unless you are very lucky are modem leads and do not work with cutters.

Have this installation worked at any time? The led screen on the cutter remains blank. Ive had a read through the forum and read some suggestions from others, but no luck.

Aaron MulkaDec 6,in forum: The cable that came with the plotter is 9 pin both ends. US Cutter hasn’t been any help at all.


You must log in or sign up to reply here. The USB connection crwation to setup a virtual com port, creatoon the driver then attach the cutter, once the found new hardware has finished you should find a virtual serial port in device manager, use the port given in Signgo if the value is com8 or less, if more alter it as per the manual to a free number less than 9 It will probably be a ftdi chipset in the cutter – device manager will tell you.

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In this case it might be necessary to set up a remote support session to take things further and as you appear to be UK based like us I suggest you send me a personal email click on my name to the left of this post and we’ll arrange a convenient time to do so. On the left side as i face to front of the cutter. Aug at The normal cutter lead has a 25pin connector one end and a 9pin the other.

Ive just bought a big hammer for the plotter as i feel like inm running out of solutions.