However, I could never get it to boot. Browsing All Articles Articles. It failed the baseclock test, so they recommended replacing it. I always got the same error messages. System freezes for 20 seconds and then always gets back to normal with every bigger file transfer or application that accesses the hard drive. As in the title..

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I always got the same error messages.

This should be more than capable of being a HTPC, as previous generations were. Didn’t find what you were looking for? The power LED will flash once every 5 seconds or so.

Also the Free and Open Source game Minetest is a very graphics and resource-hungry game if you ever want to try a demanding game for the unit in your labs. I am still waiting on a reply from support, but am starting to feel that this may be a driver issue. After a little research it appears that I’m not the only one with this issue.

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I also have a Logitech receiver plugged into a USB extension plugged directly into the NUC to keep it out acp the way of the electromagnetic radiation, as discussed in Intel’s white paper on the matter. I could boot from the Windows 8.


All updates for Window 8 were installed before posting and I can’t update to Windows 8. This topic has been locked due to inactivity for a long period of time. I recommend installing the updates for Windows 8 and then updating to Windows 8. Or should I just shut up and go buy that 99 pence cable?

Message 7 of After installing all of the drivers acpk HP support site for windows 7×64, because there are not drivers for 8 not 8. The maximal amount of permissible online users ….

Just to be clear, the Kingston is not defective, since I used it until now in my old laptop in AHCI mode, and works perfectly. The new unit does also fails the test and has the same 2d and 3d problems. Thirdly, this device is equipped with a high-speed USB 3. An hour ago my friend wcpi for his extension cable back. However, I could never get it to boot.

Драйверы для ACPI\INT3397 HP ZBook 14 G2 Mobile Workstation

Embed this content in your HTML. It failed the baseclock test, so they recommended replacing it. The greenhorn combines a few advanced features that bring the communication with various devices to a higher level. I’ll saw the following error messages: When the acppi starts getting overheated I can see in the game graphics an increasing number of artifacts.


Inh3397 only thing I haven’t tried, for lack of multiple mini-hdmi cables, is a new cable. There I said it. Message 1 of Support had me run this processor test: Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Since day one the two products have been unusable together – the inputs int33997 choppy and the mouse ‘stutters’ across the screen. This drive features 42 mm length only, fulfilling space requirements of small-sized but high-performance cases.

That should not be required by your notebook. When it could I tried to install Windows 8. I turned it off, left it off for a minute and tried to turn it back on.