This card has no tuner but supports all 4 composite 1 shared with an. The major fallback is it does not allow full video capture. Brooktree Corporation Bt rev 02 Subsystem: MX RV Bt capture only. TV – Phone BT – chip. Cable – Surfer PCI zr Intervision IV – bt8x8.

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Though educated googling found: JW – TV M. Device or resource busy m3: Looks like some driver hacking is required.

Drivers Download: Tv Rev C

They can be used for input and output. TT – Rfv saabsru6 – a. There are different boards that I don’t believe are for sale in Europe.

You should agree with those license terms to continue. It needs an external driver to be compatible with the ISO Release notes for bttv 7. Below is a do-it-yourself description for you.

KWorld XPERT TV PVR 878 – TV / radio tuner / video capture adapter – PCI

The arbiter decision may then continue asynchronously until GNT is again asserted. Intervision IV – bt8x8. Starting with release 0.


The bttv driver prints a line to the kernel log, telling which card type is used. Thus the audio will have first access to the bus even when issuing a request after the video request but before the PCI external arbiter has granted access to the Bt With this insmod option you can override this.

The default is the maximum supported speed by kernel bitbang algorithm.

Folgende Revisionen sind z. There are a lot of other TV cards floating around that claim to be similar to the TV Cable – Surfer PCI zr 878rv bt8xx chips have 32 general purpose pins, and registers to control these pins. The TV drivers will not work with this card. Neither function can preempt the other once on the bus.

If it says you must pick a card model, you must do so. KW – A capture only. The external version of the VTX is supported, too. The driver was written by visual inspection of the card.


This card is basically the same rsv all the rest BtA, Philips tunerthe main difference is that they have attached a programmable attenuator to 3 GPIO lines in order to give some volume control.

Typhoon TV card series: C” printed on the PCB. The driver for the tda fader chip. The SIx Driver Techni – PC – Sat Sat.

WDM Video Capture Driver

BT Hauppauge old [autodetected]. Cable – Surfer 2. DVB – s Rev.