Just used this same solution on the Windows 7 Beta. GummiRaccoon Follow Forum Posts: Fri Jan 05, I did just exactly what you said and it worked perfect he he I’m just curious how did you come to try that? The xp driver works great and I was able to use peimg.

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You must log in or register to reply here. Have you tried running a Vista driver on it?

3Com 10/100 Managed NIC 3C905CX-TX-M

Peter Puuppo Jul 9, Alysson May 19, Kind of off topic, but there are some issues with the 3cx cards and the new version of Ghost 2. We’d like to start using Windows PE 2. Someone told that 3C drivers are there on the Vista installation-DVD, and they should get automatically installed.

Hardware recognition software, like Everest, recognizes it in the system and the NIC card’s light shows it is powered on, yet it fails to get picked up by my Win 7.

Malke 9905 13, This all from people that had good configs with the 1. I don’t think the 3cc ever had Vista or Win7 drivers written for it, certainly not for bit.


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Dec 11, Posts: The machine will commnicate with the ghost server ok, reboot again in pc-dos mode then produce an error that it can’t connect to the dhcp server. Nexus Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Otherwise, the Rosewill card has Windows 7 driver support and should work just fine.

Forums New posts Search forums. Quite oddly howeve, MS DID have a driver available, the only way to get it though was to install the XP driver to get it working 95 get to windows update, where one of the updates happened to be for me: Fri Jan 05, It looks like 3Com’s site has drivers as new as Nov 7thso I can kind of see why they didn’t bother with Vista if they haven’t updated since then.

Win 7 insists I don’t have it plugged in 3con, but that’s absolutely untrue.

But if you can find a Vista driver on the manufac. Dec cista, Posts: Bangkok, the most beautiful women you have ever seen in your life are absolutely common place here Registered: Jan 26, Posts: The solution for this Vista problem simple once you find it. So if you are ghosting those machines, there might be some other factors as well.


Please Log In to post. I find this mind boggling because I would guess that this is one of the most popular nics ever sold. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. My dell insprion mobo uses a 3com chip based off the 3c Time to start Googling to get this sluggishly slow Vista up and networked.

While researching a problem with the new version, I’ve been running into postings from people saying they don’t work in pc-dos mode with the new build.

No 3com 3cx support for vista!? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Bring back the main forum list. Under bit, the 3cc is useless to you.

I’ve heard the XP driver works, but I was unable to add the xp driver to my pe image using vists peimg utility. Or did you just let 7 auto detect it?